Hyundai Ioniq 7 may start production in July next year

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Hyundai Motor Company will begin producing the Ioniq 7, the automaker’s all-electric large sports utility vehicle, in July next year, local media reported Tuesday.

According to the report citing unnamed industry sources, Hyundai Motor and its employment stability committee recently carried out a series of meetings to confirm the manufacturing plan for the Ioniq 7.

Although there are remaining details to be finalized, the report said the EV SUV will begin production at Hyundai Motor’s Asan plant in South Chungcheong Province. It added that the automaker will start construction at the Asan plant at the end of this year to set up the necessary facilities for the production of the Ioniq 7. The site has been manufacturing the Ioniq 6, the automaker’s award-winning EV, since last year.

Regarding the report, Hyundai Motor said no specific timeline has been confirmed in terms of the Ioniq 7’s production. With the growth of the Korean EV market noticeably slowing down this year, the country’s leading automaker is looking for a breakthrough with the Ioniq 7.

According to the Korea Automobile and Mobility Association, only 9,624 EVs were sold in the country in August, a sharp drop compared to the sales figure of 30,670 units in February.

Hyundai Motor first unveiled the Ioniq 7’s concept car at the LA Auto Show with the name Seven in November 2021. The concept car caused a splash in the auto world, with its removal of the pillar on the side of the passenger seat, coach doors, swiveling seats and L-shaped sofa in the back with a full glass roof over the body.